Thursday, October 23, 2008


I don't know if anyone knew it, but I had to take one of the hardest tests of my life yesterday! I am registered in abdominal ultrasound, but I wanted to get my board registry in hearts (echocardiograms). That required that I take a 200 dollar echo test which was 150 questions and lasts for three hours and also a physics test which is about the same. I took the echo yesterday and passed!! I am so grateful! I prayed so hard while I was in there I know God's ears were burning. I had to take a physics exam for my last registry, so I am not very nervous about that one since I have already passed one before. I feel like a hundred pounds has been lifted off of me. It is really challenging to find time to study with a nine month old.

On a new note, I hated to miss peak of the week last night. I went to visit a new little baby:) A friend of mine growing up has a serious drug addiction. His girlfriend just had his little boy and left him because of the drugs. She is here to stay with his parents for a while and needed some things. I took her some Jack hand me downs. I need to tell her about the friendship center if she needs anything I don't have. Luckily his family is wonderful and like my second parents, so I know she will be very well taken care of and little Waylan too. Please pray for this family, they are in a lot of pain. It is such a sad situation. I don't want to disclose names because I'm not sure they would want that.

I know I am jumping subjects, but I felt the need to post something happy after that. Also, this is a great way to document things that happen in Jack's life since it has dates and times. This week Jack has started a few new things. He has discovered he can do all kinds of funny things with his mouth. He is making this hilarious sucking noise and it looks so funny. He also learned how to get his knees up under him and turn to sit upright. This was great because before this, he would get frustrated at being on his belly and would crawl to us to sit him up. About two weeks ago he started drinking ouit of a straw. That is so much fun to watch:) Sorry this was such a long blog. Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Well, I just wanted to update everyone on Jack. He is doing a lot better. The steriods he is on make him really hiper. And get this, they are for the inflamation in his lungs to stop the wheezing, but... when he takes them he crawles around like the energizer bunny and gets so worked up that he starts wheezing. I don't know if they are helping or making things worse. Anyway, the doctor said he didn't have a bad case of RSV and that he may not get any worse than he is now. So far he hasn't and I am very thankful. We have only had a couple of scares. Last night he was really congested and wheezing and the combo got him a little strangled. He got his breath after just a few seconds, but we never let him out of our sight because it could happen anytime.

I had a hard time the first of the week when we learned what he had. I felt responsible, since I had been sick and I knew I gave it to him. I hated to know I was the reason he was going to have to fight this stupid virus. I know it isn't productive to beat myself up, but I guess that is just the overprotective mother coming out. I just wish it were possible to protect them from anything hard or painful. If I feel this way now, I know the next 18 years are going to be tough!

Well, we miss everyone and hope to be back this sunday if all goes to plan. Hope you are all having a great week!!