Friday, March 12, 2010


I did a little research yesterday on getting Jack in his bed and they recommended putting them down the way you did when they were in the crib. Then leave the room. They will immediately get down. You are supposed to show no emotion and no eye contact and just pick them up and put them back in the bed while saying, "stay in bed." So I tried it. They say to be prepared to put them back anywhere from 20-30 times. I was ready. Would you believe he stayed the fourth time and went right to sleep!!!!! So much easier than crying it out! I am very excited. I got in my bed first for the first time in two months!! What a success:)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Any Tips

We moved Jack up to a big boy bed about two months ago. At first it worked out okay. I would lay down with him until he fell asleep and then get up and go to my own bed. Well he was going to sleep pretty fast, but now I end up falling asleep before he does and sleeping half the night in his bed and half in mine. Also he seems to wake up every night at 4 and either I go in there with him until he goes back to sleep or he comes and gets in bed with us.

Now I do realize I should have researched this a little more before I got him used to the idea that mommy was going to go to bed with him every night instead of daddy, but hindsight's 20 20 I guess. Could use some tips or tricks or even some success stories to get me motivated to try something. Feels like how I dreaded the whole cry it out thing. Listening.....