Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ode to Breastfeeding

Warning! Long blog!!

Well, my days as a breastfeeding mom are numbered. I was out of town last weekend on a ultrasound confrence and I had major issues getting to feed Jack! I only has two fifteen min breaks during the morning which wouldn't have been that bad, but it took 10 min for mom to get to the hotel that the conference was in and and we never knew when the breaks would be. This meant he had to take formula during my sessions and then when I got to the room on lunch he was full. Wow, it was crazy. Then I had to pump, but we had no fridge to keep the milk cold! By the end of the weekend, I was producing very little milk.

At first I was very stressed and sad, but then I just decided to give myself a pat on the back for making it this long and move on. He is still nursing at night and maybe once in the afternoon, but I don't know how long that will last. It is kind of nice not to be pumping all the time at work. I am not near as stressed during the day and I don't worry if he is eating enough anymore. BUT... formula diapers are a whole new issue!!!

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The first night home from Nashville we went out to eat (as usual since I don't cook lol). After we got back, I decided to check my email. I left jack in his carseat to watch TV beside me. He started fussing and so I got up to get him out. When I picked him up I thought man, he's wet! Then I looked at my arm... yuk!!!! I had poop all over me!!!! It was all down my arm, all down his legs, all in the carseat, and on his hands (which were on the way to his mouth)! I knew this was no job for wipes and I just set him in the tub and hosed him down. It was quite a mess, but after we had a good laugh :) He didn't eat any of it by the way, I caught his hands before he made it that far :)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Son Seekers

I just wanted to post a thank you to everyone :) I have really really enjoyed getting to know all of you and am glad to be getting more involved! You have all made my family feel so welcome. I look foward to all of our events and classes. I hope all of you are having a great week!

Monday, August 4, 2008

What was I thinking?

I just need to vent a little! I am having a real problem with my cat! When we got her, I never imagined how annoying she could be with a baby in the house. She cries all the time! Last night I woke up twice to the sound of her sharpening her claws in my carpet. Luckily she didn't damage anything, but I was still mad as a hornet. I have never been much of a cat person and now that we have Jack, I don't tolerate her well at all. Oh well, since I can't find her a home or get rid of her, I just had to vent my frustration.