Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jack at 3 yrs.

My sweet boy is almost four and I am just posting about 3 but better than never:)
This is a pic from december right before his third birthday the night we told everyone we were expecting Case.

These are some random pics throughout the year.

This has been absolutely one of the bests years of my life! Jack has just been a joy to have as a son. He sure loves his mommy and I am going to eat it up while I can:)He is always coming up with the cutest things to say. Milestones this year were his first sleepover (many since then lol), first dentist appointment, and became a big brother!

Things he says:
for by myself he says all my by yourself
for a time reference he always says "last morning" even if it was a month ago or today
gnomeo and juliet are nomino and jennynet
for any mini mine mo he says any mini miny mo petrified soap lol haha
he calls all his costumes soups instead of suits

Favorite movies this year:
Iron Man
Captain America

Favorite TV shows:
Super Why
Scooby Doo

Loves school this year and Ms.Donna:)

Cute story:
We got him two hermit crabs for his birthday. One of them didn't make it but a couple of days and when it died we had to explain death a little bit. I told him that one day we would go to heaven and be with God and worship him. We talked about it a good bit and he was fine. The following Sunday when I woke him for church I told him we had to get ready to worship God and he didn't want to go. I didn't know why but he whined all morning until we were pulling in the parking lot he busts out laughing and says "We're not going to heaven, we're just goin to church!" Guess he thought we were going to die and go to heaven that day lol. Bless him.

Case Tucker Darby:)

I haven't blogged in forever but here goes:) On August 8, 2011 we welcomed our new little sweetie into our family. He is such a joy and Jack is the best big brother on the planet! Seriously I am so blessed that he has been so helpful and sweet. I couldn't have asked for a smoother transition. The first few months Case had colic and reflux and just plain fussed almost all the time so most of my pics are with him asleep or crying lol. But here are a few Jack is always talking to him and saying the sweetest things. He told him in the bath one night " Do you love me, do you? Sometimes we will be mad at each other but we always love each other." It was just precious here is a pic from that night:) Here are some pictures of them together and of Case when he first started smiling

Case started smiling at 7 weeks and laughing at about 12 weeks:) He loves to talk. He is a very busy baby. He loves to be moved around and played with. He will be so happy when he can crawl because he just hates to sit still. At almost 4 months he weighs 16 lbs. He has the sweetest smiles in the morning when he wakes up and loves to lay on his changing table and just laugh at you:) He is such a sweet little boy and I am so blessed that God chose me to be the mommy of these two very precious boys!

Here are a few pics where they were around the same age: