Monday, April 13, 2015

Case at 3

Case is three! Actually 3 and 8 months, but im always late so whats new! Case is the sweetest toddler I could have imagined. He is very affectionate and loves Mommy above anything. He is very attached to Jack and they are best buds. They love to play together and pretend and when pretending he calls Jack Bud or Buddy. The last two weeks he has been calling me my sweet mommy! It is to die for. He will say "can you get me some milk please mam my sweet mommy?" Ugh melts me. Loves to hug and kiss me lots and snuggle. A little bossy when it comes to his milk lol. He will say can you please get me some milk and heat it up, right now? Only drinks soy milk. Big meat eater. Loves granola bars too! time reference: last night - that could mean anything from last night to a year ago lol example: did we go there this morning last night? Favorite movies are : 102 Dalmations Sharkboy and Lavagirl Chi Chi Wa Was as he calls it lol He can sing lots of songs and loves the ones Jack loves like Radioactive Likes to mock Jack to drive him crazy lol. Cute Mis Pronunciations: eder (either) says do not all the time ex "Do not eder pause it. Do not." Says aggerbated "You are so aggerbating me." "Hab a sweet night my sweet mommy!" "mommy, Jack's just the bestest kid I know." While he was sleep talking said "I want to sleep under Jesus' body" lol Jack had been talking to him about Jesus and the devil and Heaven and Hell and that was right after that convo. Jack's explanation: Case, the devil lives down under the ground not sure where. One day we will die and we will go to heaven and do all the fun things. Bad people go to heaven and then get sent to Hell and walk into fire. Should have seen Case's face during this little spill lol

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jack at 3 yrs.

My sweet boy is almost four and I am just posting about 3 but better than never:)
This is a pic from december right before his third birthday the night we told everyone we were expecting Case.

These are some random pics throughout the year.

This has been absolutely one of the bests years of my life! Jack has just been a joy to have as a son. He sure loves his mommy and I am going to eat it up while I can:)He is always coming up with the cutest things to say. Milestones this year were his first sleepover (many since then lol), first dentist appointment, and became a big brother!

Things he says:
for by myself he says all my by yourself
for a time reference he always says "last morning" even if it was a month ago or today
gnomeo and juliet are nomino and jennynet
for any mini mine mo he says any mini miny mo petrified soap lol haha
he calls all his costumes soups instead of suits

Favorite movies this year:
Iron Man
Captain America

Favorite TV shows:
Super Why
Scooby Doo

Loves school this year and Ms.Donna:)

Cute story:
We got him two hermit crabs for his birthday. One of them didn't make it but a couple of days and when it died we had to explain death a little bit. I told him that one day we would go to heaven and be with God and worship him. We talked about it a good bit and he was fine. The following Sunday when I woke him for church I told him we had to get ready to worship God and he didn't want to go. I didn't know why but he whined all morning until we were pulling in the parking lot he busts out laughing and says "We're not going to heaven, we're just goin to church!" Guess he thought we were going to die and go to heaven that day lol. Bless him.

Case Tucker Darby:)

I haven't blogged in forever but here goes:) On August 8, 2011 we welcomed our new little sweetie into our family. He is such a joy and Jack is the best big brother on the planet! Seriously I am so blessed that he has been so helpful and sweet. I couldn't have asked for a smoother transition. The first few months Case had colic and reflux and just plain fussed almost all the time so most of my pics are with him asleep or crying lol. But here are a few Jack is always talking to him and saying the sweetest things. He told him in the bath one night " Do you love me, do you? Sometimes we will be mad at each other but we always love each other." It was just precious here is a pic from that night:) Here are some pictures of them together and of Case when he first started smiling

Case started smiling at 7 weeks and laughing at about 12 weeks:) He loves to talk. He is a very busy baby. He loves to be moved around and played with. He will be so happy when he can crawl because he just hates to sit still. At almost 4 months he weighs 16 lbs. He has the sweetest smiles in the morning when he wakes up and loves to lay on his changing table and just laugh at you:) He is such a sweet little boy and I am so blessed that God chose me to be the mommy of these two very precious boys!

Here are a few pics where they were around the same age:

Monday, September 13, 2010

Jack and Abby:)

Jack absolutely LOVES Abby!! Just wanted to post some pics of them together. We are working on an arranged marriage lol. They are just so stinkin cute together! Last weekend we met at spring park and the two of them held hands while riding the train. It was soo cute!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This and That...

Jack's first day of school this year:) He is moving up to the three year old class and he is pretty excited because one of his little buddies is in that class!

Here is my favorite potty training pic:) He hasn't worn an diaper in two weeks yay!!

Just wanted to post some new pics...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yay for Jack!!!

We are almost 100% officially potty trained!!! :)

We have been working with him a little here and there for a while, but this weekend it just finally clicked. We spent most of the weekend at home and he has had barely any accidents! He is getting better on telling us when he needs to go, but otherwise as long as we take him every so often he does great. He is even staying dry through the night which amazes me. Never thought it would be this easy:) So bye bye diapers!! Jack loves his underware haha. We got him some with all the pixar movie characters on them and he has his favorites. Right now he prefers to wear his Incredibles underware lol.

The first time he went #2 in the potty, he refused to flush it until we took a picture of it haha. So every now and then while he is sitting there he asks to see the picture! I guess for inspiration! Well we are excited and just thought I would share:)

The offcial last diaper was Sunday Aug 21st, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jack's Prayer Monday Night 7/5/2010

Dear God.... thank you for Jesus, mommie, daddy, b, sessie, b, and my balls...amen!

Hahahahaha! Mine and Casey's eyes popped open and we laughed till we hurt! He is in a what's that stage and when he came running in there after his bath asking, Casey told him. Such funny random thoughts of our two year old:)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post for me:) Jack at 2 years 3 months

Jack is saying all kinds of things, but I wanted to write down some of my favorites so I don't forget them..


Mom's dog tyson - tysus
Our dog daisey - daisus
elephants - ellisis
when he wants me to hold him or give you a hug - "hold you mommie, hold you"
when he wants to swing - "push you"
still calls my sis in law jessica - sessie
my brother brennan - B
Granny (Casey's mom) - Gwe
Grandma (my mom) - Mam ma
Casey - Diddy
My dad - Pa Pa
He thinks that a belly button is called a boo boo now after my surgery haha and he will not call it anything else.

Funny things he does:

He will all the sudden spread his legs about shoulder width apart and start shaking his hips from side to side dancing! It is so funny. He broke it down in walmart last night while we were grocery shopping! He got a lot of laughs:)

He loves any kind of anything to do with hunting. Guns, 4wheelers, turkeys, deer, tractors, just anything that Casey does! He wanted to sleep with a life size turkey decoy the other night! Just imaging putting your two year old to sleep with a big turkey head laying on the pillow next to him and a deer head mounted on the wall above his bed (he loves that deer by the way). He pets the deer and tells it night night every night, lol! He also told me yesterday evening to go inside and get the turkey so he could shoot it. Oh me, guess I have another hunter on my hands. I am going to have to have a girl so I will have some company when they get older! If not I guess I am just going to have to take up hunting myself.

He got in trouble on easter for pulling hair and hitting. So after that the whole week we really went over and over the rules. It really must have made and impression because now he will randomly at least once a day say "No pull hair, no hit, no bite....spankin" Guess I made a dent. He actually lightly hit me in the bathtub last night and then held up his leg and said "Spankin". He actually wanted me to do it. It was really funny.