Monday, September 13, 2010

Jack and Abby:)

Jack absolutely LOVES Abby!! Just wanted to post some pics of them together. We are working on an arranged marriage lol. They are just so stinkin cute together! Last weekend we met at spring park and the two of them held hands while riding the train. It was soo cute!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

This and That...

Jack's first day of school this year:) He is moving up to the three year old class and he is pretty excited because one of his little buddies is in that class!

Here is my favorite potty training pic:) He hasn't worn an diaper in two weeks yay!!

Just wanted to post some new pics...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yay for Jack!!!

We are almost 100% officially potty trained!!! :)

We have been working with him a little here and there for a while, but this weekend it just finally clicked. We spent most of the weekend at home and he has had barely any accidents! He is getting better on telling us when he needs to go, but otherwise as long as we take him every so often he does great. He is even staying dry through the night which amazes me. Never thought it would be this easy:) So bye bye diapers!! Jack loves his underware haha. We got him some with all the pixar movie characters on them and he has his favorites. Right now he prefers to wear his Incredibles underware lol.

The first time he went #2 in the potty, he refused to flush it until we took a picture of it haha. So every now and then while he is sitting there he asks to see the picture! I guess for inspiration! Well we are excited and just thought I would share:)

The offcial last diaper was Sunday Aug 21st, 2010

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jack's Prayer Monday Night 7/5/2010

Dear God.... thank you for Jesus, mommie, daddy, b, sessie, b, and my balls...amen!

Hahahahaha! Mine and Casey's eyes popped open and we laughed till we hurt! He is in a what's that stage and when he came running in there after his bath asking, Casey told him. Such funny random thoughts of our two year old:)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post for me:) Jack at 2 years 3 months

Jack is saying all kinds of things, but I wanted to write down some of my favorites so I don't forget them..


Mom's dog tyson - tysus
Our dog daisey - daisus
elephants - ellisis
when he wants me to hold him or give you a hug - "hold you mommie, hold you"
when he wants to swing - "push you"
still calls my sis in law jessica - sessie
my brother brennan - B
Granny (Casey's mom) - Gwe
Grandma (my mom) - Mam ma
Casey - Diddy
My dad - Pa Pa
He thinks that a belly button is called a boo boo now after my surgery haha and he will not call it anything else.

Funny things he does:

He will all the sudden spread his legs about shoulder width apart and start shaking his hips from side to side dancing! It is so funny. He broke it down in walmart last night while we were grocery shopping! He got a lot of laughs:)

He loves any kind of anything to do with hunting. Guns, 4wheelers, turkeys, deer, tractors, just anything that Casey does! He wanted to sleep with a life size turkey decoy the other night! Just imaging putting your two year old to sleep with a big turkey head laying on the pillow next to him and a deer head mounted on the wall above his bed (he loves that deer by the way). He pets the deer and tells it night night every night, lol! He also told me yesterday evening to go inside and get the turkey so he could shoot it. Oh me, guess I have another hunter on my hands. I am going to have to have a girl so I will have some company when they get older! If not I guess I am just going to have to take up hunting myself.

He got in trouble on easter for pulling hair and hitting. So after that the whole week we really went over and over the rules. It really must have made and impression because now he will randomly at least once a day say "No pull hair, no hit, no bite....spankin" Guess I made a dent. He actually lightly hit me in the bathtub last night and then held up his leg and said "Spankin". He actually wanted me to do it. It was really funny.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I did a little research yesterday on getting Jack in his bed and they recommended putting them down the way you did when they were in the crib. Then leave the room. They will immediately get down. You are supposed to show no emotion and no eye contact and just pick them up and put them back in the bed while saying, "stay in bed." So I tried it. They say to be prepared to put them back anywhere from 20-30 times. I was ready. Would you believe he stayed the fourth time and went right to sleep!!!!! So much easier than crying it out! I am very excited. I got in my bed first for the first time in two months!! What a success:)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Any Tips

We moved Jack up to a big boy bed about two months ago. At first it worked out okay. I would lay down with him until he fell asleep and then get up and go to my own bed. Well he was going to sleep pretty fast, but now I end up falling asleep before he does and sleeping half the night in his bed and half in mine. Also he seems to wake up every night at 4 and either I go in there with him until he goes back to sleep or he comes and gets in bed with us.

Now I do realize I should have researched this a little more before I got him used to the idea that mommy was going to go to bed with him every night instead of daddy, but hindsight's 20 20 I guess. Could use some tips or tricks or even some success stories to get me motivated to try something. Feels like how I dreaded the whole cry it out thing. Listening.....

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pee Pee in the Potty!!

My little man pee peed in the potty thursday night Feb 18th 2010! It was funny he got out of the bathtub and was walking through my bedroom when I heard him say, "pee pee mommy.." i yelled noooooo. He quit dead in his tracks. I asked him if he wanted to go to the potty and he said "Potty?" I took him in there and he stood on his little red stool naked as a jay bird and just strained. He finally got it to come out and I got so excited that I yelled "Good job, yay!!!!" which stopped his little stream cause I scared him to death. hahahahahahaha. It was great! He also talked to my grandaddy on the phone that night for 25 minutes. I have never heard him talk that much for that long! It was so cute!

Today we had another success. Jack has been going to preschool for a month now and today we really saw some positive results. Jack walked right into his class at church! Without me carrying him and the teacher having to pull him off of my body while he screams bloody murder! He just told me he wanted to go to class and walked in and started playing! I got to hear my first uninterrupted sermon in probably a year:) It was such a great day!! Thank you for preschool! Jack really does love it and it has been good for all of us. They are really great with the kids!

Hope everyone has a great first of the week!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Long post so I can remember everything, so hope it isn't boring to everyone :)

Well I haven't posted in forever, so I thought I would do a little update. My baby boy will be TWO tomorrow! I was sitting here the other day reading all of my old posts from when he was under one and was so glad I wrote some of that stuff down. It is amazing how time does fly and how fast you can forget some of the precious things that they do :)

Jack is still following the footsteps of all the men in my family. His favorite things to do are play pow pow with anything he can turn into a gun (thanks to Casey and the hunting channel). He also still loves to ride 4 wheelers, tractors, or just anything that moves really. He talks ALL the time and it is so cute. He has some things that he says that don't sound much like the actual word, but we know what he means. A few of them are...

Shuwada - love you
saaabe - sit by me
kree - drink
faffel - waffle
B - for uncle Brennan (who he loves by the way)
Essie - for aunt Jess
Maw maw -for grandma ( mom just loves that lol)
D- for daddy
ela ela ela - elephant
ki kle - for motercycle

there are several more I just can't think of right now. He loves to count while jumping of the bed to you. His favorite number is five! He will say, "tree, four, five!!" or "five, six, five, go!"

He is out of the terrible twos that we went through early. I am grateful that we got that over with. He really listens well and doesn't pitch big fits any more. What a relief! He gives great big hugs and kisses randomly that just melt my heart.

He is getting a little closer to potty training. He will tell me everytime he is going pee pee or poo poo. He just doesn't want to go use the poty. Maybe he will change his mind soon.

He loves movies. His favorite right now are Cars, Pixar short films, Bambi, and finding Nemo.

He wasn't sleeping in his bed very well and was waking up every night between 2 and 4, so we decided to take down the crib and put up a big boy bed. He loves it. He takes everyone to his room to see his bed :) He loves to curl up in there and watch a movie. Everyone has been sleeping better since we took down the crib. It was sad though especially when I remembered a little game we used to play. He would get in the crib to play sometimes and would want me to come over and kiss him over the side of the crib. Then, he would bend down and kiss me between the rails. It was so cute. He would want me to do this on all three sides of the bed, lol. I love those sweet kisses!

He likes to pretend his is a puppy or a lion and will come over and act like he is biting you. He does it so soft though, it feels like he is kissing you on the cheek:)

His favorite people are Mama and Daddy, Papa (my dad), Grandma (my mom), B, Jess, and my grandaddy. He would be content if all of these people just moved in with us.

His 2nd birthday party is tonight. We are having just a small family party at chucky cheese. I hope he has fun I am looking so foward to it!

Hope i didn't bore anyone to death!