Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quiet Mouse

You probably think I am fixing to blog about a game with Jack, but little did you know you are about to read them morbid happenings of my Tuesday morning....

Well, about a week ago I went to get something out from under my kitchen cabinets and what do I see..... mouse droppings!!!! I have never never had a mouse in my house, so I freaked out! I took all of my dishes out from under the cabinets and put them on the spare bed. Then, I cleaned like a mad women. Then, I went directly to Walmart to get some mouse traps.

Now I need to stop for a second to tell you that Casey is not scared of many things, but on that short list is mice. So.... I know that this whole deal is going to be on me. Therefore, I want the simplist, easiest, most humane trap to take care of this problem for me.

Back to the story, I decided on these little sticky pads that the mice walk across and get stuck to. Someone had told me that they had a chemical on them that would euthenize them after they got stuck. WRONG!!!!!! I put the traps out Saturday night. Sunday... nothing. Monday.....nothing. Then this morning at 5:45 I hear some squeaking. I wasn't thinking of the possibility of a mouse because at this point I am still under the assumption that if I do see a mouse it should be dead on a little sticky pad and have felt no pain. I go check the bathroom..nothing. Then I realize the noise is coming from the kitchen. I open the cabinet door and find not one, but TWO mice stuck to these pads just a squeakin! Okay, now what! I shut the door thinkin that I should give them a little more time to allow the chemical to work.

I come back an hour later to what? Well the exact same thing! Now I can't go off to work and leave them there suffering and I know Casey won't take care of them, so I came up with a plan that I thought to be the most humane option..

1.I scoot the sticky pads and mice into a plastic bag.
2. I put that bag into another plastic bag.
3. I put that bag into yet another plastic bag.
4. Then... I take the bag outside and beat it, yes beat it on the pavement!

I then threw them into the trash!
Moral of the story, don't buy the sticky pads unless you are ready to kill them yourself! I hope this will be the only mouse story I will have !

Monday, July 6, 2009

Bye bye paci:)

Jack is now paci free:) We let him have it one last time Thurday night (july 2nd). The third was his first full day without it. I was really worried, but it has been much better than I anticipated. In fact I am enjoying getting to hear all the jabber I was missing when he had it. Now I just have to find them all and throw them away.

He is trying to say so many words. Just for me I am going to list all the ones I can think of....
tac ter - tractor
bey buto - belly button
baaaaa - ball
bye bye
title title title - tickle....
uh ohhh - he throws things down just to say this one and make a big O with his mouth
sish - fish
duce - juice

He also rolls his tounge all the time. I can't do it, but he walks around just rolling it back and forth. Sometimes he does this while talking and it sounds like he is speaking spanish or something. It is hilarious.

He loves to play hide and seek. He also loves to hide in daisey's crate. He just grins and grins while you pretend to look for him, then all of the sudden he will push the door open and yell, lol.

He still prefers to ride the tractor, 4wheeler, or lawnmower over any other activity. It seems like i have heard every horror story related the riding all these here lately and it has made me a nervous wreck.

Jack is getting great with stairs as long as there is a rail. If not he will just sit on his butt and go that way. I let him practice on our basement stairs so that by any chance that door was open, at least he knows how.

Anyway... just wanted to post mostly for me, sorry it was so long :)

Oh by the way, I have finally talked Casey into a big boy haircut! The baby mullett will probably be gone this week. I have mixed emotions. I know its time, but he will look so big :( At least we will have plenty hair to save. In fact there is probably enough for the whole family to have a lock, lol!