Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Joys of Teething :)

Well... gone are the few short months of sleeping through the night. Jack had been unusually fussy for a couple of weeks and wakes up every morning at 2am. He finally cut his second bottom tooth, but instead of getting better, he is even more irritable. I don't know if it is hurting the more it comes through or what. Bless his heart, he will take is paci out and just chew and chew on it. He is refusing to eat solids too. I can't get him to take anything but milk which worries me because the infamous "they" say that at his age he should have juice, fruits, meats, cereal, and who knows what else every day! Oh well, I guess its just a phase. Oh yeah and after waking up at 2am, he will only go back to sleep in the bed with us and then wakes up EVERY time his paci falls out of his mouth. I hate to see him hurting like this. Baby ibprofen seems to help, so I gave it to him last night.

On a new subject, he is pulling up! He looks soo big walking from me to the couch while holding on to the edge. It is hard to believe he is soo big. Although sometimes I miss him being a little baby, it is so much fun to hear him talk (especially when he accidently says mama) and see him smile and laugh.

We have a new daily show in our house. We are now big fans of non other than spongebob!! Jack will watch him for a good long while and I even catch myself watching when he isn't. Today at work me and a guy I work with that has two young girls were actually talking about episodes we had seen last week that we thought were hilarious.

Anyway, I have to go study and I hope everyone is having a great week!!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Casey, Pam (my mother in law), and I decided to go out to eat at Casa after work. Jack had just had a diaper change and had had a dirty diaper earlier, soooo I foolishly decided it would be okay to just take toys in the diaper bag. This decision was based on my growling belly, so it wasn't the brightest move. Anyway, we went to Casa and Jack was sitting calmly in the highchair. All of the sudden we look at him and he is straining like you wouldn't believe. So hard, in fact, that his eyes and face were turning red. "Uh oh!" I said as the reality of the situation started to sink in. We realize that he is filling up his diaper, but just decided to tough out the odor and change him when we got home.

That is.... until Pam noticed a little bloch of something green on Jack's arm. She said, "None of us ordered guacamole, did we?" She was right. She wiped it with her napkin and took one sniff and made a terrible face. We looked down and what to our suprise the entire high chair is full of green poop! Here we are in the middle of a restaurant with no wipes, no diapers, and no change of clothes. What now!!!

I pick him up and as fast as I can take him to the women's bathroom. Pam helps me undress him and we wash him in the sink! Yuk!! There is poop everywhere and we have a naked baby with nothing to put on him at all. I was having a serious white trash redneck moment as i wrap my naked son in paper towels and carry him out of the building. All the while trying to ignore all of the hidden giggles.

I take him to the truck, still naked mind you, to wait on Casey and Pam to pay and box up our food which we haven't gotten to eat yet. As we wait, Jack decides now would be a good time to pee while he is standing in my lap!! Now I have a naked baby and am wearing poop and pee.

Finally, they get to the car and we strap little naked Jack into his carseat and quickly drive home!!! This is definetly a tough lesson learned( although very funny after the fact). First RULE of parenting: NEVER NEVER leave home without a diaper, wipes, and a change of clothes NO MATTER WHAT!!!!