Monday, August 4, 2008

What was I thinking?

I just need to vent a little! I am having a real problem with my cat! When we got her, I never imagined how annoying she could be with a baby in the house. She cries all the time! Last night I woke up twice to the sound of her sharpening her claws in my carpet. Luckily she didn't damage anything, but I was still mad as a hornet. I have never been much of a cat person and now that we have Jack, I don't tolerate her well at all. Oh well, since I can't find her a home or get rid of her, I just had to vent my frustration.


Julie said...

I hate cats (and any other animal for that matter) so I am not a good one to offer advice. HA!

Melodie said...

I am not a big cat person myself but I do remember when we had Maggie (our mini daschaund) we would sometimes have to get up at night to take her to potty and that was always annoying. I really do miss her though!! Now we get up for a kid!!

Scarlett said...

yep...I'm so allergic to cats that I can't stand them!!!!