Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Joys of Teething :)

Well... gone are the few short months of sleeping through the night. Jack had been unusually fussy for a couple of weeks and wakes up every morning at 2am. He finally cut his second bottom tooth, but instead of getting better, he is even more irritable. I don't know if it is hurting the more it comes through or what. Bless his heart, he will take is paci out and just chew and chew on it. He is refusing to eat solids too. I can't get him to take anything but milk which worries me because the infamous "they" say that at his age he should have juice, fruits, meats, cereal, and who knows what else every day! Oh well, I guess its just a phase. Oh yeah and after waking up at 2am, he will only go back to sleep in the bed with us and then wakes up EVERY time his paci falls out of his mouth. I hate to see him hurting like this. Baby ibprofen seems to help, so I gave it to him last night.

On a new subject, he is pulling up! He looks soo big walking from me to the couch while holding on to the edge. It is hard to believe he is soo big. Although sometimes I miss him being a little baby, it is so much fun to hear him talk (especially when he accidently says mama) and see him smile and laugh.

We have a new daily show in our house. We are now big fans of non other than spongebob!! Jack will watch him for a good long while and I even catch myself watching when he isn't. Today at work me and a guy I work with that has two young girls were actually talking about episodes we had seen last week that we thought were hilarious.

Anyway, I have to go study and I hope everyone is having a great week!!!


Scarlett said...

Yes, the refusing to eat for a bit while they're teething will pass. Don't worry! I'll tell you what I told Melodie about the best teething tool I have found: Freeze chunks of banana and get one of those Munchkin mesh feeders (Target or Walmart). Put the frozen banana in it and let him hold the feeder and gnaw on it. It will soothe his little gums and give him a healthy snack too. I hope he rests better soon!

Melodie said...

That stinks!! Callan is cutting her first 2 teeth right now and we are experiencing the same thing except she doesn't want the milk as much, just the solids! HA! They are reserved! Hang in there! It will get better!

Melodie said...

That was supposed to say reversed!

Julie said...

Poor Jack! Hopefully all his teeth will come in and you all can go back to getting a good nights sleep.

The Bowerman Blog said...

I remember those teething days. They seemed so long at the time, but will pass like Scarlett says.