Thursday, November 20, 2008

What a little temper!!

Well, the dreaded time has come that we are having to start spatting Jack! Is it normal to do it this early? Any of you experienced moms, please give me some reassurance. He is throwing full blown fits! The worst of them is when we are trying to change his diaper. He acts like we are torturing him or something!! He rolls and rolls and then when I finally hold him down or spat him, he looks at me like I am the meanest mom in the whole world. NOW.. I understand what parents mean when they say it hurts them more because it does!! I would rather take several beatings that have to spank him, but I don't want to raise one of those kids that just do whatever they want to and won't mind. He also is a little defiant these days. If he doesn't get his way or get to do what he is wanting to do, he has a little fit. He has a very strong little personality. He gets his stubborness honest though. He really didn't have a chance in that department between Casey and I :) I would appreciate any advice that any fellow moms can give, because this is hard!!

Also, I though I would blog about the Love Dare. Casey and I bought it after church last week and started it Sunday night. It is amazing how it has already changed several things in our marriage. I am really enjoying doing it together and we are learning a whole lot about each other and where we can improve. I won't spoil the book for those of you who plan to read it, but I wanted to just blog about some of the funny things Casey has said after our daily readings.

On day one, our dare was not to be negative. That is what the few pages we had to ready was about. After I finished reading, I said "Did you get all that?" and he said, "Yeah, I can't talk all day tomorrow!!" We had a good laugh about that!

The next day, after we finished reading, he a said, "Kayla, this book is picking on me. This book is me exactly!!" It was also very funny.

Anyway, it has been a great thing and has brought us closer already. I would recommend it if you had time to read it together. It is fun to see what your dare is for the next day!

Hope everyone is having a good day!!


Julie said...

Keep us updated on how the book is!

Kayla said...

I will, we are loving it!!

Scarlett said...

Yeah, I've been wanting to read that book and take on the daily challenges but I'm afraid to start it....afraid it's too hard, but I'll probably get brave and go for it! Oh, about the spanking your child thing- it's hard in the beginning but you have to teach him early. Bonnie was about 10 months old when I started having to spat her hand--mostly for safety reasons if she'd get into something dangerous. She didn't become defiant really until around 2 although her tantrums began at 13 months! Good luck and enjoy the ride ahead! Keep a journal b/c so many things will happen that you'll forget!