Monday, April 13, 2015

Case at 3

Case is three! Actually 3 and 8 months, but im always late so whats new! Case is the sweetest toddler I could have imagined. He is very affectionate and loves Mommy above anything. He is very attached to Jack and they are best buds. They love to play together and pretend and when pretending he calls Jack Bud or Buddy. The last two weeks he has been calling me my sweet mommy! It is to die for. He will say "can you get me some milk please mam my sweet mommy?" Ugh melts me. Loves to hug and kiss me lots and snuggle. A little bossy when it comes to his milk lol. He will say can you please get me some milk and heat it up, right now? Only drinks soy milk. Big meat eater. Loves granola bars too! time reference: last night - that could mean anything from last night to a year ago lol example: did we go there this morning last night? Favorite movies are : 102 Dalmations Sharkboy and Lavagirl Chi Chi Wa Was as he calls it lol He can sing lots of songs and loves the ones Jack loves like Radioactive Likes to mock Jack to drive him crazy lol. Cute Mis Pronunciations: eder (either) says do not all the time ex "Do not eder pause it. Do not." Says aggerbated "You are so aggerbating me." "Hab a sweet night my sweet mommy!" "mommy, Jack's just the bestest kid I know." While he was sleep talking said "I want to sleep under Jesus' body" lol Jack had been talking to him about Jesus and the devil and Heaven and Hell and that was right after that convo. Jack's explanation: Case, the devil lives down under the ground not sure where. One day we will die and we will go to heaven and do all the fun things. Bad people go to heaven and then get sent to Hell and walk into fire. Should have seen Case's face during this little spill lol

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