Thursday, April 29, 2010

Post for me:) Jack at 2 years 3 months

Jack is saying all kinds of things, but I wanted to write down some of my favorites so I don't forget them..


Mom's dog tyson - tysus
Our dog daisey - daisus
elephants - ellisis
when he wants me to hold him or give you a hug - "hold you mommie, hold you"
when he wants to swing - "push you"
still calls my sis in law jessica - sessie
my brother brennan - B
Granny (Casey's mom) - Gwe
Grandma (my mom) - Mam ma
Casey - Diddy
My dad - Pa Pa
He thinks that a belly button is called a boo boo now after my surgery haha and he will not call it anything else.

Funny things he does:

He will all the sudden spread his legs about shoulder width apart and start shaking his hips from side to side dancing! It is so funny. He broke it down in walmart last night while we were grocery shopping! He got a lot of laughs:)

He loves any kind of anything to do with hunting. Guns, 4wheelers, turkeys, deer, tractors, just anything that Casey does! He wanted to sleep with a life size turkey decoy the other night! Just imaging putting your two year old to sleep with a big turkey head laying on the pillow next to him and a deer head mounted on the wall above his bed (he loves that deer by the way). He pets the deer and tells it night night every night, lol! He also told me yesterday evening to go inside and get the turkey so he could shoot it. Oh me, guess I have another hunter on my hands. I am going to have to have a girl so I will have some company when they get older! If not I guess I am just going to have to take up hunting myself.

He got in trouble on easter for pulling hair and hitting. So after that the whole week we really went over and over the rules. It really must have made and impression because now he will randomly at least once a day say "No pull hair, no hit, no bite....spankin" Guess I made a dent. He actually lightly hit me in the bathtub last night and then held up his leg and said "Spankin". He actually wanted me to do it. It was really funny.

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