Tuesday, July 29, 2008

26 things about me

1. Casey and I dated in high school, but broke up. He randomly called me three years later and we were married the following december.

2. We lived in Sevierville TN beside Gatlinburg for 11 months, it was a blast!

3. All of our parents and my grandparents live off of the same road.

4. My first crush on Casey was when I was twelve and he had goofy glasses and a bowl cut ;)

5. Around the same time, I shaved the bottom half of my hair off because Jennifer Lovelace did it and I thought she was sooo cool lol.

6. My best friend growing up was Erin Lynn.

7. I went into ultrasound because I wanted to do medical and didn't want to deal with needles or anything gross, boy was i in for a rude awakening. You wouldn't believe the things you can scan with ultrasound!!! Seriously just get me started on this one, I have lots of stories.

8. I have a mini dacshund and a cat.

9. I don't know what possessed me to get either one of them. They are too much work with a baby. Actually I can handle my daisey, but the cat is the one i could do without! All she does in cry!

10. I have a beautiful baby boy (like any of you don't know, he is all I have blogged about so far and I take him everywhere!)

11. I love naps!

12. I don't cook, really! I think I have used my stove twice since Jack was born. Poor Casey. We eat out! Alot lol.

13. My husband did electrical work for five years and my bedroom still does not have switch covers or plug covers!

14. We pretty much gutted the house we have and remodeled and I never want to paint again.

15. Casey is the funniest person I know, I laugh all of the time. I love him!!

16. I don't have a hobby, not that i would have time for one now that i have Jack.

17. I envy stay at home moms.

18. I never mail anything. I am horrible about this! I will write a card and it stays in my house forever. Email has saved my life!

19. I love to lay out in the sun on a float. I will probably regret that in about 10 years or sooner than that, but it really relaxes me.

20. I am ocd about jack's food and not wasting the milk i pump. I am like the breast milk police. I call all the time to make sure he eats every drop. I feel sorry for my family, but they forgive me. The know i just want to be involved. And for those of you who pump, you know it is hard work!

21. I have to sleep with two pillows (more when I was pregnant). One under my head and one between my knees. It drives Casey crazy because they are everywhere.

22. I have been cutting Casey's hair for five years. One night he wanted me to try before he shaved it off and he liked it. Now i do my dad's, casey's, and my brother's hair every month. i like it, it is a fun chore and it saves my family some money!

23. I am obsessed about shaving! I do it everyday of my life. That was the worst thing about having jack. At the hospital I was to weak to do it and it about drove me crazy! Right when we got home, i had my mother in law help me, i felt sooo much better ;)

24. I am totally still in love with Casey!

25. My family is my world. I love them all! I am blessed to be as close to them as I am!

26. Jack is a gift from God and i love him more than anything!


Kimberly said...

I forgot all about you shaving your hair. That is so funny. I also sleep with a pillow between my legs. I started doing it when I was pregnant and never stopped.

Melodie said...

I too sleep with a pillow between my legs beginning with pregnancy. How funny! I also shave my legs every single day of life. It is annoying but it makes me feel better!! Love the blog!

Julie said...

I just learned a lot more about you. I sleep with a body pillow (BP we call it). It drives Jud crazy also. I HAVE to have it!

Jennifer said...

Oh My!! I had no idea I was such a bad influence...hehe! Why did we ever think that was cool?!

Scarlett said...

Breastmilk police! LOVE it! I'm the same way! THAT STUFF IS LIQUID GOLD!

Julie Greenhaw said...

You guessed it, I am now sleeping with a pillow between my legs. It's hard to get comfortable when you are pregnant. I hate shaving and I do not shave everyday. Poor Chad.

Kimberly said...

I am right there with you Julie G. I go several days (or weeks in the winter) without shaving my legs. I hate shaving.