Tuesday, December 16, 2008

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20 Years Ago

Well, I was probably playing with my best friend Erin tromping through the woods somewhere around our house. She and I loved to go exploring as we called it. We were attending college church and were meeting at IBC. There was a pature behind the church with a fence that had a sign on it. If we could have read the sign we would know it said beware of horse. We went in and tried to feed the horse and it went crazy. Some women came running through the field after us and she chased us all the way to our church and told our dads. We got a good talking to.

10 years ago

Wow! This is fun. Ten years ago Casey and I had dated in September and broke up sometime in October. I knew he was fixin to ask me back out. We got back together that January. He was my first love :) I had just passed my driving test, so I was probably driving all my younger friends around. Me and Amber were inseperable. She is still one of my very best friends. I had a gold honda accord, I loved that car. I thought I knew everything and I was sooooo much wiser than my parents of course. I am not looking foward to paying for my raising.

5 years ago

Casey and I had been back together for 2 months and we were disgustingly in love. My brother said we just made him sick. We spent every singe minute we could together. I was living in Athens and going to ultrasound school. All I did was spend time with Casey, study, sleep, and drive. It was a stressful, fun time.

1 year ago

I was eight months pregnant with the most woderful life change that I couldn't even understand yet. I never knew how much you could love someone until I saw his little face. I didn't know yet what he would look like or how sweet his little perfect smile would be. I didn't know how sweet it would feel to kiss the little feet that were kicking me all the time. I just knew that I was ready for him to be here, it is such a long time to wait.


Yesterday, I had my hopes up that Maggie, my cat would have a home. The woman that was supposed to come look at her didn't show up and didn't call until an hour later. I was angry. I played with Jack and we all went to bed early. He is doing the funnies thing. Every time he hears music, he flapps his arms in the air and starts clapping. It is just precious.


Well, today i am stressing over giving my cat, Maggie, away. We just don't have time for her. I wish I didn't have pets at all at this time in my life, but I can't give my dog away so the cat had to go. I have several people wanting her and a long list of people to call if the woman I am meeting tonight doesn't want her. I will be glad when it is over.


Tomorrow, hopefully I will be free of this cat drama and I can focus on getting ready for chrismas. I plan to get home from work and go to church. We'll see:)

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Thanks for doing the tag Kayla. I love reading a mini-version of everyone's past.