Wednesday, January 14, 2009

First Birthday, Wow!

I can't believe that it has already been a year since Jack was born! It has been a wonderful year filled with all sorts of new and exciting changes. They learn so much this first year it just amazes me. Jack is doing many new things these days. He loves music and dances (sits up and bounces). After the music goes off he claps for himself and wants you to do the same. He is also learning words. He says dada and moma of course and now is trying to say hello and thank you. He will hold the phone up to his hear and say something that is supposed to be hello :) Oh and he has mastered a skill the his daddy and grandaddy are thrilled about. My grandaddy has a deer call that you blow in one in and suck the other and it sounds like a deer grunt. Jack has this down to an art! He could call up a whole herd of deer ! He has taken a few steps, but isn't walking yet.

He has a major hair fedish. It started when I was still nursing. He would reach up and play with my hair. Now he plays with everyone's hair when they hold him. Especially if he is tired or upset. He gives big open mouth kisses that I just love!

I hope our family will continue to grow and be strong and healthy. Being a mom is the greatest gift there is and I am so blessed to have a beautiful little boy. I pray that I will be a good parent and that God will bless our home. Hope everone is having a good new year:)


Ashley said...

It is hard to believe that Jack is a year old! Austin would absolutely love the milestone of calling deer! Happy Birthday, Jack!

Melodie said...

I can't believe they are all turning 1! It is so sad! That was fun reading about all of his tricks. See you Friday!