Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I forgot what it was like :)

I have welcomed my old friend sleep back into my life .....

I was talking to Sara at supper club and she told me how well Collier was doing sleeping through the night in his own bed. I asked how she did it and they let him cry it out. I didn't know if we could do it, but she got me very motivated and I decided to try.

That night, after we picked him up he fell asleep on the way home. We put him in his crib and went to bed. He woke up one hour later and cried for twenty minutes. I was thinking is wasn't sooo bad. Then, he woke again at 2:15 and this time cried until 3. I thought I would die!! After he finally fell asleep I was awake for at least another hour feeling like the meanest mother in the world! He woke again at five and I went and got him. We missed church and all slept until 9:30.

He spent the night that night at my parents house. I was afraid that would be a setback, but we really needed some rest. We had a great night.

Monday night we let him lay in the bed with us until he fell asleep. We put him in his crib and went to bed. He woke at 3 and cried for about twenty minutes. Again at 5 and I went and got him. I read alot yesterday trying to find out what I could do to make this easier and much to my surprise I was supposed to put him down awake. I read that it was confusing to him to go to sleep with us and wake up with us not there. It said that it was better if we got into a routine and said goodnight and put him in his bed awake.

So..... I decided to go this route. We gave him his bath, read a story, and gave him a bottle. I rocked him until ge was drowsy and Casey and I went in and kissed him goodnight. He has a little fish music thing that goes on the side of his crib and we turned that on and patted him as we left. He cried for only 12 minutes and put his little self right to sleep! He even accidently turned the little fish music thing off. We were so happy.

Now comes the grand finale..... he did not wake up until 6:50 this morning!!!!!! My alarm clock woke me up for the first time since 1-19-08! I am very rested and very excited!! I hope things continue to go this well!! Thanks to Sara for my inspiration and to those of you giving me support on facebook :)


Caroline Bilstein said...

So exciting...sleep!! Bella has always been a great sleeper, that is why I am terrified of being pregnant. I bet this baby will be complete opposite. No getting that lucky twice!

Ashley said...

Congratulations!! I know that was probably hard! Way to go little Jack!

Melodie S. said...

Good for you Kayla! We did that with Mollie when she was about 9 months and it only took her a couple of nights to get it down pat. I was amazed. Even now she sleeps 7 -7 every night.

Melodie said...

Yeah for Jack and yeah for sleep! So glad it is working!