Monday, March 16, 2009

Walking Molar Maddness :)

Well..... where do I start? It's been a while :) I guess with the fact that Jack is finally walking!! I was beginning to wonder if he would haha. He just started really doing it last sat (3/07/09). It is so cute. He knows that too and really plays it up. I had blogged not to long ago about our great sleeper.... well scratch that!

Jack has been waking up and staying up for 2-3 hours every night. I couldn't figure out what in the world it could be. I guessed it was teeth, but I didn't see any signs of the next ones coming in which would have been his eye teeth (?spelling). Well..... I happened to brush my hand around the back of his mouth and to my surprise there was a molar!!!! I didn't think they got those until two. Well at least it explains the fits and sleepless nights. Now we are in the habbit of letting him in our bed every night at 2 or 3, so sleep training will have to start all over again, yeah!!!

Jack is getting such a little sense of humor. He gets it honest though :) He is also really observant. He will no longer eat a french fry without dipping sauce ha ha! He isn't really particular about what he dipps it in so long as he can. For instance, the other night he didn't see the ketsup and so he just dipped it in his corn lol! It was so cute. He also has to dip his chips in salsa just like us when we eat mexican. They sure don't miss anything!

Well just wanted to update:) Oh and those of you with older kids, is it normal for them to be cutting molars this early? He is just about 14 months (the 19th).

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Kimberly said...

I am pretty sure they get one set of molars around one year and then another set at 2 years. Henry is now cutting his second set of molars.