Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quiet Mouse

You probably think I am fixing to blog about a game with Jack, but little did you know you are about to read them morbid happenings of my Tuesday morning....

Well, about a week ago I went to get something out from under my kitchen cabinets and what do I see..... mouse droppings!!!! I have never never had a mouse in my house, so I freaked out! I took all of my dishes out from under the cabinets and put them on the spare bed. Then, I cleaned like a mad women. Then, I went directly to Walmart to get some mouse traps.

Now I need to stop for a second to tell you that Casey is not scared of many things, but on that short list is mice. So.... I know that this whole deal is going to be on me. Therefore, I want the simplist, easiest, most humane trap to take care of this problem for me.

Back to the story, I decided on these little sticky pads that the mice walk across and get stuck to. Someone had told me that they had a chemical on them that would euthenize them after they got stuck. WRONG!!!!!! I put the traps out Saturday night. Sunday... nothing. Monday.....nothing. Then this morning at 5:45 I hear some squeaking. I wasn't thinking of the possibility of a mouse because at this point I am still under the assumption that if I do see a mouse it should be dead on a little sticky pad and have felt no pain. I go check the bathroom..nothing. Then I realize the noise is coming from the kitchen. I open the cabinet door and find not one, but TWO mice stuck to these pads just a squeakin! Okay, now what! I shut the door thinkin that I should give them a little more time to allow the chemical to work.

I come back an hour later to what? Well the exact same thing! Now I can't go off to work and leave them there suffering and I know Casey won't take care of them, so I came up with a plan that I thought to be the most humane option..

1.I scoot the sticky pads and mice into a plastic bag.
2. I put that bag into another plastic bag.
3. I put that bag into yet another plastic bag.
4. Then... I take the bag outside and beat it, yes beat it on the pavement!

I then threw them into the trash!
Moral of the story, don't buy the sticky pads unless you are ready to kill them yourself! I hope this will be the only mouse story I will have !


Ashley said...

Oh my WORD!! That is hilarious!! I can't believe you actually beat the mice! Too funny!

Julie Y. said...

HA!! I would have loved to see you beating those mice!

Kayla said...

it was quite a sight! and I am not usually a violent person. But when I saw them i didn't feel sorry for them. I thought about all the work, money, and worry about diseases! It made it pretty easy to beat them, lol!

Brooklyn said...

I cannot picture you doing that! It's freaking me out because I have your husband's fear of icky mice. I can just picture those mice squeaking. But I'm glad Jack has a good Mommy who will do ANYTHING to keep his house clean!