Monday, January 18, 2010


Long post so I can remember everything, so hope it isn't boring to everyone :)

Well I haven't posted in forever, so I thought I would do a little update. My baby boy will be TWO tomorrow! I was sitting here the other day reading all of my old posts from when he was under one and was so glad I wrote some of that stuff down. It is amazing how time does fly and how fast you can forget some of the precious things that they do :)

Jack is still following the footsteps of all the men in my family. His favorite things to do are play pow pow with anything he can turn into a gun (thanks to Casey and the hunting channel). He also still loves to ride 4 wheelers, tractors, or just anything that moves really. He talks ALL the time and it is so cute. He has some things that he says that don't sound much like the actual word, but we know what he means. A few of them are...

Shuwada - love you
saaabe - sit by me
kree - drink
faffel - waffle
B - for uncle Brennan (who he loves by the way)
Essie - for aunt Jess
Maw maw -for grandma ( mom just loves that lol)
D- for daddy
ela ela ela - elephant
ki kle - for motercycle

there are several more I just can't think of right now. He loves to count while jumping of the bed to you. His favorite number is five! He will say, "tree, four, five!!" or "five, six, five, go!"

He is out of the terrible twos that we went through early. I am grateful that we got that over with. He really listens well and doesn't pitch big fits any more. What a relief! He gives great big hugs and kisses randomly that just melt my heart.

He is getting a little closer to potty training. He will tell me everytime he is going pee pee or poo poo. He just doesn't want to go use the poty. Maybe he will change his mind soon.

He loves movies. His favorite right now are Cars, Pixar short films, Bambi, and finding Nemo.

He wasn't sleeping in his bed very well and was waking up every night between 2 and 4, so we decided to take down the crib and put up a big boy bed. He loves it. He takes everyone to his room to see his bed :) He loves to curl up in there and watch a movie. Everyone has been sleeping better since we took down the crib. It was sad though especially when I remembered a little game we used to play. He would get in the crib to play sometimes and would want me to come over and kiss him over the side of the crib. Then, he would bend down and kiss me between the rails. It was so cute. He would want me to do this on all three sides of the bed, lol. I love those sweet kisses!

He likes to pretend his is a puppy or a lion and will come over and act like he is biting you. He does it so soft though, it feels like he is kissing you on the cheek:)

His favorite people are Mama and Daddy, Papa (my dad), Grandma (my mom), B, Jess, and my grandaddy. He would be content if all of these people just moved in with us.

His 2nd birthday party is tonight. We are having just a small family party at chucky cheese. I hope he has fun I am looking so foward to it!

Hope i didn't bore anyone to death!


We are BLESSED. said...

Aww! Happy Birthday, Jack! He is getting so big. It flies by, doesn't it? I am glad he is liking the big boy bed - that is very encouraging!

Melodie said...

Happy Birthday Jack! I love reading your updates and all of the fun things he is doing! Hope he had a great day!

Julie Young said...

Yeah for updating the blog!! Happy Birthday Jack!!