Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pee Pee in the Potty!!

My little man pee peed in the potty thursday night Feb 18th 2010! It was funny he got out of the bathtub and was walking through my bedroom when I heard him say, "pee pee mommy.." i yelled noooooo. He quit dead in his tracks. I asked him if he wanted to go to the potty and he said "Potty?" I took him in there and he stood on his little red stool naked as a jay bird and just strained. He finally got it to come out and I got so excited that I yelled "Good job, yay!!!!" which stopped his little stream cause I scared him to death. hahahahahahaha. It was great! He also talked to my grandaddy on the phone that night for 25 minutes. I have never heard him talk that much for that long! It was so cute!

Today we had another success. Jack has been going to preschool for a month now and today we really saw some positive results. Jack walked right into his class at church! Without me carrying him and the teacher having to pull him off of my body while he screams bloody murder! He just told me he wanted to go to class and walked in and started playing! I got to hear my first uninterrupted sermon in probably a year:) It was such a great day!! Thank you for preschool! Jack really does love it and it has been good for all of us. They are really great with the kids!

Hope everyone has a great first of the week!!!

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Ashley said...

Yay Jack for two HUGE milestones! Lane loves going to preschool his two days a week, but I dread potty training!