Thursday, March 11, 2010

Any Tips

We moved Jack up to a big boy bed about two months ago. At first it worked out okay. I would lay down with him until he fell asleep and then get up and go to my own bed. Well he was going to sleep pretty fast, but now I end up falling asleep before he does and sleeping half the night in his bed and half in mine. Also he seems to wake up every night at 4 and either I go in there with him until he goes back to sleep or he comes and gets in bed with us.

Now I do realize I should have researched this a little more before I got him used to the idea that mommy was going to go to bed with him every night instead of daddy, but hindsight's 20 20 I guess. Could use some tips or tricks or even some success stories to get me motivated to try something. Feels like how I dreaded the whole cry it out thing. Listening.....

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